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How Love Child is Made

Where are Love Child’s products produced?

Love Child’s fruit and vegetable purees, Oaty Chomps bars and Owlies are produced in Canada in organically certified facilities that specialize in making safe and delicious food for little ones. The rest of our products are produced in similarly high-quality facilities in Europe.

How do you make your products shelf-stable without adding preservatives?

We carefully balance our recipes to ensure that the natural acidity of the food is hostile to bacteria but safe for little tummies. This sometimes involves the addition of a dash of lemon juice concentrate.

We flash-pasteurize the fruit blends to kill any existing or dormant bacteria. Our pouches allow the food to be heated to a lower temperature, and are held at that temperature for a shorter period of time than glass jars, thereby preserving more nutrients.

The pouches are filled hot to ensure that they are free of bacteria.

Finally, a vacuum is drawn and an inert gas goes into the top of the pouch before the cap is tightly screwed on. This ensures that there is no oxygen in the pouch. They are now ready for your little one.

How to use our products

What is the best way to feed my baby or child your products?

For younger babies, squeeze the puree straight onto a baby spoon and feed from the spoon. Toddlers and older children will enjoy slurping straight from the pouch.

Your Simple Firsts purees are so simple. What role do they play in my child’s diet?

Our Simple Firsts purees can be used as a first food for your baby when you may be focused on introducing one food at a time. They also make a great snack for older children, particularly our applesauce, which is a favourite for all ages. All of our Simple Firsts products contain no ascorbic acid so they provide a wonderfully pure start for your little one.

Can I freeze the pouches?

We do not recommend freezing an open product because any bacteria that entered the product while it was open will continue to grow during the freezing process and once it is thawed. However, if you do choose to freeze a product that has been opened, be sure to defrost it in the refrigerator, give it a bit of a shake or squeeze to avoid any separation and serve it straight away.

Before being opened, our Super Blends and Simple Firsts can be frozen. This might cause a bit of separation so give them a shake before eating. We do not recommend freezing our Power Yo’rridge flavours because the yogurt does not thaw well and will remain lumpy and separated even after being fully thawed.

Can I put the pouches in the microwave?

No. It’s not a good idea to put the pouches in the microwave because they have a foil liner and they could get too hot. The best way to warm the purees is to put the pouch in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. Always be sure to test the temperature before giving it to your child.

How long will the pouch last once opened?

With the cap back on, it can be stored in the fridge and enjoyed for up to 24 hours.

What’s in our food

Do your products contain GMOs?

Our ingredients are all Certified organic by Pro-cert, which means they are also completely free of GMOs.

Are Love Child’s products nut-free?

All of our purees are nut-free, as are the facilities they are made in. None of our snack products contain nuts, but some are made in facilities that handle nuts. Please look for the “nut-free” icon on our individual product pages on our website to know for sure if a product is made in a nut-free facility.

Are Love Child’s products kosher?

All of our fruit and vegetable blend pouch products (Simple Firsts, Superblends and Power Yo’rridge), as well as our Oaty Chomps bars, Fruity Chomps bars and Owlies are kosher. Our Love Ducks and Infant Cereals, are not certified kosher.

Are Love Child’s products gluten-free?

Many of our products are gluten-free, however, some of them are not. Our Owlies are made with spelt flour, which naturally contains gluten, so are not gluten-free. However, our pouch products and Love Ducks are gluten-free.  Our Oaty Chomps bars are made with certified gluten-free oats.

Some of Love Child’s products contain berries. are they safe to give to my little one?

Berries have fantastic nutritional qualities and are delicious. On occasion, they can cause a reaction, as can all foods. We recommend you introduce them one at a time into a child’s diet to check for any allergies.

Why is there water in some of your products?

At Love Child we do not ‘dilute’ our recipes with water and none of the fruit puree is replaced by water. For extra nutrients, we add dried quinoa flakes and legumes to some of our puree blends, and they absorb a great deal of water as they soften and cook. Without adding water, the puree would be too textured and far too thick.

The puree in the spout of the pouch looks darker than the puree in the rest of the pouch. Why is this?

This happens because our purees do not include ascorbic acid, which is a preservative typically added to fruit to prevent discolouration. Oxidation of the puree right in the spout causes this to occur and is completely normal and safe to eat. You might also notice that the quinoa strands in puree near the spout also are darker, and this, too, is completely normal. We find that this oxidation is most visible in our Apple Mango flavour. Because we believe that food for children should be 100% natural, we choose not to include preservatives that would prevent discolouration.

What are the little white or brown lumps and strands in my Superblends puree?

Those lumps and strands are the quinoa. Quinoa seeds have little strands that tend to come apart from the rest of the quinoa when cooked. They look like little white or brown squiggles.

Orders & Shipping

When will my product arrive?

Once your purchase is complete, our warehouse will pick and ship your product within 24 hours. Your product will ship from Toronto, Ontario directly to your front door. Depending on your location, your product should arrive within 1-5 business days. Please allow time for delay based off inclement weather or postal shortages. If you have not received your product, please send us an email via our contact us page and we will check on your shipment.

Can I return product?

Please see our Return Policy for this process.

Can I purchase multipacks or only single product cases?

For now, we only offer product in single product cases. We are working hard on providing product multipacks in the future!

Do you offer a rewards program?

We do not currently have a loyalty program in place but would love to offer one in the near future! For now, we offer a 10% off discount when you purchase any 3 cases.

Where are my products shipped from?

All products are shipped from our warehouse in Toronto, Ontario.

Charitable Donations

What charities do you work with?

Currently, we only partner with one charity called Green Iglu. Green Iglu is a registered Canadian Charity that builds meaningful partnerships to strengthen local food sovereignty in Northern, remote, and Indigenous communities.

How does your donation partnership work?

We currently donate 1 cent of every unit sale of Love Ducks, Lentil Lovies, Oaty Chomps, and Owlies to Green Iglu up to a maximum annual donation amount of $10,000.