We set out to create something special by building better brands, products and relationships with retailers and customers alike. Our mission is to create products that inspire and improve lives through simple ingredients, traditional farming practices and innovative branding.

Our team consists of passionate individuals who believe in the power of better. We continually strive to innovate; believing simple always trumps complicated.

We have launched several of our own brands and continue to look for opportunities to expand our family. The story of GreenSpace Brands is just beginning as we continue on the path to building better!

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Our products contain only meat that is grass fed and/or pasture raised without the use of added hormones and antibiotics. Treating animals with dignity and respect is what we do, and the result is meat that you can feel good about eating yourself and feeding your family!


We offer premium quality products made with 100% Canadian Grass Fed Milk. We allow our cows to graze on pasture as long as our Canadian weather will allow and ensure their quality of life is something to be proud of. Our healthy cows graze and eat grasses year round which produces great tasting, nutritious milk and we think you will agree.


We believe you are what you eat. This statement also holds true for our pets. It’s important to know what goes into our pets’ food. At Holistic Choice we provide premium pet food products that have fresh meat and high quality ingredients. After all, health and happiness are where it’s at.


Eat Better. It all started with these two simple words. The nudge team set out to create products that not only taste great but also meet the high standards that you have for the food you bring into your home. We all want to eat better and making small changes of improvement is how it begins. Sometimes change is easy and sometimes you just need a little nudge!


In a world of health conscious parents and confusing ingredient labels, Love Child Organics was created on the promise of delivering truly healthy, organic baby and children’s food products.


Central Roast is more than just another snack company. We help you make healthy choices by offering premium functional snacks that fit your lifestyle. Using only pure, high quality ingredients and ensuring freshness and flavour, we are changing the way you snack!


At Kiju we believe in simplicity. We make a healthier beverage option using only pure organic ingredients, creating great tasting products!


Through our handcrafted, cold pressed process we’re on a mission to mix up unique flavour combinations and irresistible juices that deliver premium superfood nutrition.



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GreenSpace Brands develops, markets and sells premium convenience natural food products to consumers across Canada. GreenSpace’s original brand, ‘Life Choices’ features premium convenience meat products made with a variety of combinations of grass fed and pasture raised meats (meat raised without the use of added hormones and antibiotics). Life Choices owns Rolling Meadow Dairy, Canada’s first grass fed dairy product line and Holistic Choice, a natural pet food line. All brands are wholly owned by Life Choices and retail in a variety of natural and mass food retail locations across Canada.

GreenSpace Brands is traded on the TSXV under the symbol JTR (Join the Revolution). For investor details please contact GreenSpace by phone at (416) 934-5034.